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Gina Clausen Lozier
  • Obtained jury verdict for a homeowner for 100% of the damages sought, successfully defended the verdict on appeal, obtained a significant award of over one million dollars in fees and costs including a 1.5 multiplier, and then obtained a significant bad faith settlement.
  • Obtained a substantial settlement for the owner of a jai-alai/casino facility after filing suit where insurance company failed to acknowledge coverage for the significant losses insured incurred as a result of employee embezzlement.  And through a pre-mediation, obtained a substantial settlement for this same facility in an unrelated roof collapse claim overcoming an unfavorable burden of proof with respect to the coverage provision in the policy and exclusions concerning a collapse.
  • Obtained full policy limits for a company following a multimillion-dollar embezzlement scheme instituted by one of its employees following substantial requests for post loss compliance and document production.
  • Representing the owner of large hotel/residential property in Miami Beach with respect to various damages resulting from construction defects at the property which exceed $10 million.   
  • As a result of a class action, our Insurance Practice Group filed on behalf of similarly situated policyholders challenging the impartiality language in the appraisal provisions in insurance policies in which an insurance company was objecting to insureds’ chosen appraiser, the insurance company abandoned its objections, agreed prospectively not to enforce the applicable provision, paid the named insured the full amount of damages incurred, and paid 100% of the legal fees incurred.
  • Through negotiation and without the necessity of litigation obtained $28 million in insurance proceeds for the owner of two neighboring, 19-story, residential apartment projects that were under construction at the time of Hurricane Irma.  The hurricane caused well over $50 million dollars in building and other damages.  Our Insurance Practice Group has assisted and continues to assist the property owner throughout the claim process in counseling it as to submittal of multiple proofs of loss to multiple layers of insurance companies, complying with post-loss requests, assessing and documenting the damages, assembling a group of experts to analyze and assess the damages, and analyzing and evaluating claims by and against third parties. 
  • Representing the owner of four commercial properties in South Florida – all of which suffered damages in excess of $65 million and representing this owner as to a fifth loss as to one of these properties which subsequently suffered a fire loss.  Our Insurance Practice Group obtained a multimillion-dollar settlement just as to the fire loss.   As to the Irma claims, our Insurance Group continues to assist the owner throughout the claim process in counseling it as to the submittal of multiple proofs of loss to multiple layers of insurance companies, complying with post-loss requests, assessing and documenting the damages, assembling a group of experts to analyze and assess the damages, and analyzing and evaluating claims by and against third parties. 
  • Using a pre-lawsuit mediation, obtained a substantial recovery for a pharmacy which sustained damage to its property and equipment resulting from a break-in at its pharmacy. During the break-in, the perpetrators not only caused direct physical damage but also broke a pipe within the interior causing water damage throughout the pharmacy and a loss of a significant portion of its inventory.  Our Insurance Practice Group ultimately prevailed despite the insurance company’s denial of the claim prior to our involvement.
  • Successfully represented numerous condominium associations in obtaining nearly 100% of the amount demanded without the necessity of the filing of a lawsuit which resulted in a multimillion-dollar recovery for the association and prompt recovery of funds.
  • In the face of a summary judgment motion based on a presumptively late notice to the insurance company of the insured’s claim, through mediation, our Insurance Practice Group, obtained a substantial six figure recovery for a property developer and preserved the balance of the construction defects claim for the developer to pursue against the contractor and related parties.   This claim arose out of ensuing water damages from faulty construction.  Despite the insurance company’s contention that the reporting of the claim was presumptively late, we were able to overcome this prejudice assertion by showing the insurance company’s investigation was insufficient and by showing there was ample evidence from which the insurance company could evaluate the claim.
  • Recognizing that the federal forum was not advantageous for the insured, our Insurance Practice Group successfully argued that the federal court should remand the coverage dispute to the state court with respect to a commercial property loss which resulted in substantial damage from a plumbing leak.  Thereafter, the state court granted the insured’s motion to compel appraisal and forced the insurance company to appraise the loss.  During the course of the appraisal, it was discovered that insured had sustained damage from a plumbing leak originating from another location.  We reported this water event and asserted that it should also be appraised.  The insurance company fought the inclusion of the additional claim in the appraisal and filed an action to determine coverage for the additional loss.  Ultimately, the insurance company agreed to appraise the amount of the additional loss but maintained its conditions to coverage.  We successfully obtained 100% recoveries for the insured as to both claims together with interest and fees.
  • After years of extensive litigation, a state court approved a class action settlement in favor of a class of homeowner policyholders which alleged that the insurance company engaged in a general business practice referred to as “post-claims underwriting.”  The Class alleged that once an insured made a claim to the insurance company it would conduct a very simple underwriting analysis it did not do in the first place and would void the policy “ab initio” so that it could effectively deny coverage based on purported, “incorrect statements” in the applications. Although the practice is not per se illegal and Chapter 627.409, Florida Statutes, allows for this practice, the Florida Office of Insurance Services, the Florida Office of the Insurance Consumer Advocate, and the Florida Legislature have all described this practice as against the public policy of Florida.  After extensive discovery and litigation, the parties reached a settlement in which the insurance company created a substantial reserve to compensate the victims of its improper practice.
  • Chambers & Partners USA, America’s Leading Business Lawyers, Insurance (Florida), 2018-2022
  • Daily Business Review, “Best Mentor”, Professional Excellence Award, 2022
  • Florida Super Lawyers
    • Rising Star, 2013 – 2017
  • Certified Educator by the Department of Financial Services
  • Certified Property Loss Umpire – The Property Loss Appraisal Network (PLAN)
  • Executive Board, Windstorm Insurance Network (WIND)
  • Conference Co-Chair 2022, Windstorm Insurance Network (WIND)
  • Weather Ready Nation Ambassor
  • RIMS Associate Member 
  • Member, Law360‘s Insurance Authority Property Editorial Advisory Board; 2022.
  • Member, Association of Professional Insurance Women
  • Member, Chamber of Commerce of the Palm Beaches
  • Member, Palm Beach South County Bar Association
  • Member, S. Barnard American Inn of Court – Palm Beach County
  • Associate Member, Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters
  • Member, National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters
  • Member, Property Insurance Fraud Task Force
  • Windstorm Insurance Network, Conference Chair 2019
  • Member, Windstorm Insurance Network Bylaw Committee, 2016
  • Windstorm Insurance Network Fellow
  • Windstorm Conference Education Committee, 2012
  • Former President of the Florida Chapter of the National Society of Professional Insurance Investigators
  • South Florida Claims Association
  • Defense Research Institute (DRI)

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  • Berger Singerman
  • Higer Lichter & Givner
  • Groelle & Salmon, PA

Gina Clausen Lozier is a founding partner of Clausen Choquette PLLC and focuses her practice on first and third-party claims and coverage analysis. Gina is one of only three lawyers in Florida recognized in the prestigious legal publication Chambers for her work on policyholders’ behalf.

Gina dedicates her practice to representing commercial policyholders. Previously, Gina was a partner with a statewide insurance defense firm. She was responsible for overseeing the investigation and litigation of disputed claims and represented numerous Florida and out-of-state carriers. Ms. Clausen Lozier defended hundreds of windstorm claims following the 2004 – 2005 Hurricane Season and has been an active committee member and presenter for the Windstorm Insurance Network. She was also significantly involved in the investigation of fraudulent insurance claims from examination under oath through litigation. She was a regular presenter at the Florida Insurance Fraud Education Committee Conference and the Florida Arson Committee and Prevention Conference, where she educated attendees on issues related to the investigation of fraudulent claims, including fire losses. Gina is also on the executive board of the Windstorm Insurance Network. She is frequently consulted by media sources regarding insurance issues across Florida.

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J.D., University of Toledo, College of Law

B.A. in Psychology/Sociology, Bowling Green State University

Bar Admissions


U.S. Court of Appeals, Eleventh Circuit

U.S. District Court, Middle District of Florida

U.S. District Court, Southern District of Florida

U.S. District Court, Northern District of Florida

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